Rationale for Correct Answer

The correct answer is: Approximately 20% of people taking gepants experienced freedom from pain at 2 hours

Clinical trials have demonstrated that around 20% of participants reported no pain 2 hours after taking rimegepant 75 mg (orally disintegrating tablet), ubrogepant 50 or 100 mg (oral tablet), or zavegepant 10 mg (nasal spray) for a headache of moderate or severe intensity, while 35% to 40% reported relief from their most bothersome migraine symptom within the same timeframe.1-7

The most commonly reported adverse events varied among the gepants: ubrogepant was associated with nausea, somnolence, dry mouth, and dizziness;1,2 rimegepant with nausea;3,4 zavegepant with dysgeusia, nasal discomfort, nausea, nasal congestion, and throat irritation.5,6

Post hoc analysis indicates that ubrogepant is more effective when taken early in a migraine episode. Participants who treated their migraines while they were still mild were twice as likely to be pain free at 2 hours compared with those who treated more intense headaches. This was also true for other endpoints such as alleviating the most bothersome symptom and returning to normal function within 2 hours.8

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